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Please check out these items of use to school ukulele programs offered by the sponsors of this site:

Ukulele Buddy Lessons

Known for its beginner ukulele lesson series, Ukulele Buddy also offers FREE tools including:

Mobile Ukulele Storage Rack

"The Band Room™ Ukulele Cart"

This cart enables music teachers to store up to 30 ukuleles of various sizes (soprano through baritone) in a mobile cart that makes the instruments quickly and easily accessible to students. It's also available in an 18-capacity version.

Winner of the Best in Show Award at The Summer NAMM 2016 Show!

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Rainbow Ukulele Mega Bundle

Rainbow Ukulele is a system for teaching ukulele in the elementary general music classroom. In this system, students are systematically taught the history of the ukulele, the parts of the ukulele, how to tune, reading music (TAB and traditional notation), fingerstyle, and chords.

Students are led through playing songs using C7, C, F, and G7. There is a teacher edition available to help you guide your classes with an amazing PowerPoint presentation and complete lesson plans. In addition, a student book is available for students to write on and practice at home if desired.

Available from Pitch Publications

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