Free School Ukulele Resources!

Some of our more experienced members have established websites, blogs, or other useful content for school ukulele educators. If you have created any resources you would like to display a link to here, please email



from Kris Gilbert, Jill Reese, Chris Russell, Philip Tamberino

Format: Sheet Music and Strum-Along Videos

Description: An ongoing project to provide sheet music and/or strum-along videos for songs using 3 chords or less and requiring little or no adaptation for school performance (in terms of lyric content, melodic range, vocal style, and chord quantity and complexity).

Ukulele For Music Teachers (2016)

From Robin J. Giebelhausen

Format: eBook (Mac only - see here for related doc's)

Description: A beginner ukulele course specifically for practicing music teachers who have little or no background in ukulele but are interested in bringing the instrument to students in their classroom. As such, it assumes information that regular adult ukulele method books would not assume and makes specific reference to music theory, literature, and applications appropriate for school music teachers. As an eBook it makes ample use of audio and video links, both for instructional and entertainment value.

Ukulele on Pinterest

from Denise Wilkinson

Format: Website

Description: The Michigan Music Educators' Association Pinterest board for Ukulele, which has bookmarked over 500 ukulele-related pages of use to school music teachers.


from Philip Tamberino

Format: PNG files

Description: 20 large-format common chords for beginners with the finger number(s) shown inside the finger marking on the diagram. May be resized for use in song sheets, slideshows, flash cards, etc..